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About the play: RESPECT ME! The Next Generation...

Respect Me! Is a play about friendship, love and family values. It is a play that illustrates how people disrespect each other in the name the Lord. Absent repentance to god an apology to the person wronged, what results? Broken relationships.

List of Characters

1. David L Jones

2. Shirley Jones

3. Delorean Jones

4. Jonathan Jones

5. Donna

6. Jasmine/Domica

7. Andrea/Raheem

8. Ms. Everett, Mya, First Lady

9. Lydia

10. Ms. Irene, Mother Daniel, Homeless Women, Angel

11. Dr. Anderson, Pastor LaFontaine


​Character Descriptions


Lydia Jones- 30ish year old attorney. Must be able sing solo.

​David Lee Jones-  a 40 year old real estate broker. David is a business owner and he the husband of Shirley Jones. He is a hard worker, easy going guy who is longing for more of his wife time and attention

Shirley Ann Jones- a 30ish year old accountant who is the wife of David. She is self-absorb but very attentive to children and work.

​Delorean Jones- 9-12 year young lady who is the daughter of David and Shirley.

​Johnathan Jones- 12-14 middle schooler who is academically challenged. He is also the son of David and Shirley Jones.

​Donna- 30ish year old secretary of David. Very smart and sensual in behavior.

​Jasmine- 30-40 years old. Realtor that works with David. Very inquisitive about everything that is going on in the office.

Andrea- 30-40 year old. Realtor that works with David. Very talkative and inquisitive about everything that is going on in the office

and other people business.

​Damica/Damico- A middle school student in Johnathan’s class. He/she is a bully.

​Raheem- another Middle school student in Johnathan’s class who is a bully.

​Ms. Everette- a special education teacher who is tired and ready to retire.

Mya- She is the secretary to Lydia. Mya is easy going and laid back but very spiritual

First Lady- 30-40 years old. The Wife of Pastor LaFontaine. Quite easy going but much wiser she has been given credit by the congregation.

​Pastor LaFontaine-30-40 years old. The Pastor of the local church. 

​Dr. Anderson- 30ish year old. 

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